Massage by Greenleaf


I am Jessica Greenleaf and have been a licensed massage therapist since March 2010. I absolutely love what I do. Finding those knots, that tension in your muscles, in your neck, your shoulders, lower back, hips, wherever it may be, I will find it and I will work it until it releases and brings you relief. I do this with deep tissue, with patience, and I listen to your body. I can feel when I need to hold onto a spot or let it go and move just that little bit to the right or continue down your spine. I work the spots that get forgotten, your upper deltoids, your sacrum, your scalp, even your baby toes. I use avocado oil and offer aromatherapy for everyone that wants it. I travel to you with everything needed, right down to the music, to give you a rejuvinating massage, so you can relax, unwind and enjoy the comfort of your own home without the hastle of driving right after therapy. 

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Phone: 503-707-7943