Massage by Greenleaf


I bring my massage table, sheets, oil, music, aromatherapy and positive energy to the comfort of your own home. I travel within Oregon only, sorry Washington.  



I combine these modalities into one to create my own unique technique. I believe in good pain, not bad. When your muscles are sore and tense already, the last thing they need is more damage to control.  I use a slow and steady pace with my Deep Tissue to give your body time to relax and release the tension stored in them.  



My focus is to work the body as a whole. Throughout your body is connective tissue called fascia. It is similar in form to cob webs, going every which way, essential holding your body 'together'. By targeting the fascia and not just the muscles, I am able to bring balance to your body.

My goal is to make sure that after my hands have left your body and you stand up off the table, you feel like you have shed some weight of the world off your shoulders, that you feel as though you stand taller and that you feel a sense of peace. 



You may choose between a table or chair massage. I do not charge extra for Deep Tissue or simple aromatherapy I add to the sheets to help you unwind.



Not to worry! I have a table warmer and table extenders to keep you warm and those feet and arms comfortable. I also have a breast cushion for those who may need extra support. Simply request any of these add ons when scheduling your appointment. During the colder months I usually carry my massage table warmer with me to every massage appointment.  

I specialize in Deep Tissue, Swedish, Reflexology and Myofascial Release.

Let your massage travel to you!

I strive to listen to your muscles and the energy that flows through you. 
I offer 60, 90 and 120 minute massage therapy sessions.
Do you get cold during a massage? Feet or arms fall off the massage table usually?

About My Massage

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Phone: 503-707-7943